About my Network

Exporting €7bn (in 2016) worth of product annually and employing 40,000 people, the Engineered Products & Sub Supply sector represents an important and growing sector of the Irish economy. Ibec Engineering is a Network within Ibec which supports the business needs of the Engineered Products & Sub Supply sector. This extremely diverse sector has a wide range of indigenous and multinational companies.

Engineering is often designated as 'other manufacturing' or 'traditional' manufacturing - however, engineering (as a discipline) is crucial to all manufacturing sectors. Engineering firms serve a broad range of markets, including: Automotive, Aerospace, ICT, Bio Medical, Energy & Environmental; Construction and Agriculture (e.g. machinery and equipment) markets, and sub supply also includes paper and printing as well as basic and fabricated metals.

The network model enables engineering members within this sector to gain access to knowledge, up to date industry news, tailored seminars and connections for their business. The work programme of the Ibec Engineering Network is agreed by the Network and focuses on key issues relevant to the sector.

Our members' concerns range from business development, upskilling, attracting talent, regulation, manufacturing excellence, energy costs to growing their market share of the global economy. We create forums and opportunities that connect members with key business issues along with the critical work that Ibec is doing on your behalf.

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